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How to remove the «Error message» on the HMI screen?

Sometimes you want to remove the error message that appears on the HMI display, because you know that in some cases the communication with the ACE PLC may fail (radio link, battery fault,..)

And for the end user, on these normal cases of error situations, showing an error is not very reassuring.

It is something possible. We need to switch at zero the internal bit LB60112.

You can do that from the ACE PLC (if communication don’t yet fail!) via the Data forwarding function.

If you want to automatically set bit LB60112 in the HMI to zero, without going through the ACE PLC, we need to configure a macro.

  • Add the variable
    • RemoveHMIError in our example
  • Write and compile the macro.
    • Here is the code:

#include "MacroInit.h"
void Macro_main(IN *p)
LocalBit[60112] = 0;

  • and add this macro in the «Init Macro» list: