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Simple example: Display counter and timer on the HMI screen

Just a simple example for see different simple points:

  • Communication between HMI and ACE PLC
  • Button, indicator light, display value, enter a value
  • How to use the timer (Run and reset it when we need it)
  • How to use a counter (which works in background)

To know and control the screen number of the HMI, in HMITool configure:

  • A Modbus address for control the HMI Screen from the ACE PLC
  • and for know which HMI screen is being used

An ACE 11 and a 4.3″ HMI are used.
The link is a simple USB cable, which powered the ACE and allow the communication between HMI and PLC.

you can download this example here: Simple example HMI ACE Counter Timer