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Connection between our HMI and Schneider/Modicon Unitelway RS485 PLC


This device driver is used to read and write the data or state of Unitelway network device register from Schneider/Modicon PLC
It establishes serial communication connection with the programming port of Unitelway network device through the HMI RS485 serial por

Select the right type device in HMI-Tool

Try the TWIDO Series protocol first, if there is a problem, then check the NEZA Series protocol.

Communication parameters

  • Baud rate: 9600
  • Data bit length: 8
  • Stop bit length: 1
  • Parity check bit: Odd

The operation of the TER (and AUX) socket depends on two parameters

  • the software configuration of channel 0 defined under PL7 Micro/Junior/Pro
  • the signal status of the DPT pin of the TER connector

Therefore, for communication in Unitelway protocol:

  • Select Unitelway in the PL7 configuration of channel 0
  • NOT connect the DPT pin (pin 5) of the TER socket to 0V (pin 7) : Only use for Modbus software configuration
COM1 or COM2
8 TX – <> 2 TX –
9 TX + <> 1 TX +
5 GND <> 7 GND

The distance HMI<>PLC must be less than 500 m

Operational address range

0 to 1023 for %MW : MWdddd where dddd indicates decimal