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Copies values from numbers or Tags on ‘From’ side into Tags on the ‘To’ side. Use to copy up to 16 values.

The From and To Data Types don’t need to be identical. When copying larger data type into smaller data type (Ex. UI16 to UI8) insure that important data won’t be clipped.

You can use this Copy tool also for set or reset digital outputs.

Copy Pack

Pack fills a UI16 Tag with Bits. The ‘From’ side can use hard coded values (0 or 1) as well as Tags of Bit Type.

Bit 1 goes in the Least Significant Bit. Bit 16 goes in the Most Significant Bit. Example: 1 is put in Bit1 and Bit2 everything else is 0, the To Tag becomes value 3.

You don’t have to fill in all the Bits. Leaving blanks prevents Pack from affecting those specific bits. In other words, if that bit was a 1 before the Pack, it’ll be a 1 after. Likewise if it was a 0 before, it’ll be a 0 after.

Copy Unpack

Unpack takes a UI16 Tag and breaks it into bits.

The Least Significant Bit will go to Bit1.The Most Significant Bit will go to Bit 16. Example: If the Tag’s value is 3, Bit1 and Bit2 will be assigned 1 every other Bit will be assigned 0.

You don’t have to fill in all the Bits.