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Ethernet HMI configuration + ACE-GTW-MB Gateway + ACE PLC for communication via Modbus-TCP


This simple tutorial demonstrates how to implement a HMI user interface (specifically an HM-070MW) connected via Ethernet and communicating with an ACE PLC (ACE-222 – USB) through a Modbus-TCP Gateway (LAN-USB) ACE-GTW-MB

Overview of the example

HMI screen

ACE program


Procedure and program/project files

  • ACE-GTW-MB (Gateway Ethernet Modbus-TCP Sever to USB Modbus RTU Master)
    • Factory setting = No modifications
    • Default IP
    • Connect via USB to ACE PLC
    • Connect via Ethernet LAN to HMI
  • ACE PLC (Here a ACE-222)
    • Upload (V bleu) the test program via USB with vBuilder
    • Run it (green arrow)
    • Plug it via USB to the ACE-GTW-MB
  • HMI (Here a HM-070MW)
    • Upload the test project via USB (the first time, after can be done via Ethernet), with HMI-Tool software
    • Plug it via Ethernet LAN to the ACE-GTW-MB LAN port