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Filter is often used when you are more interested in an average value
over a period of time than any particular instantaneous value.

Filter is a background task.  When a Filter set to ‘Start Filter’ is executed, it’ll continue Filtering until a Filter with the same Output Tag, set to ‘Stop Filter’ is executed.  Execute it when you want to start, stop or change the Filter.

The ‘Input’ Tag is the signal you’d like to filter.

The ‘Output’ Tag is where the filtered value is stored.

Use the ‘Time Unit’ along with ‘Time Between Samples’ to specify how long you’d like to wait between samples.

Use the slider to adjust the filer weight.  The Example shows what the filter would affect a signal.  Press the ‘new example’ to see another example.




Here, we will show how to have a state for execute a task only once, from top to bottom of the cycle, when the PLC boots.

This state will never run again until the next boot. Usually used to initialize variables.

  • SET a Coil in the beginning of your program
  • Use this BIT and the Rising edge contact