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How to add a PWM to 0-10 V converter to a ACE PLC?


It is sometimes useful to be able to connect the ACE PLC to a PWM to 0-10 V converter.


  • control a frequency inverter via its 0-10 V input.
  • convert and scale an analogue value to a 0-10 V value
  • control any device with an analogue input

Imagine you need:

  • an ACE-11 PLC (6 DI + 6 DO) at 59€
    • or
  • an ACE-1630 PLC (3 DI + 3 DO + 3 AI + RS232) at 89€

but you are missing an analogue output!

You can use one of its digital outputs, as PWM output, to convert the PWM signal into a 0-10V analogue output.

Only the ACE-7096 already have a built-in analog outputs, but for the others a small PWM-Analog output converter can be appreciate. We agree, it’s not the ideal solution, but it can be useful as our industrial ACE are very powerful and cheap.

This converter is inexpensive, well designed electronically and reliable. It has 6 connection terminals. You can buy it here.

By default, it is 24V input for the PWM.
But you can check if the jumper “Level selection of PWM signal” on the PWM converter is positioned to the left: 24V position. (or 5V if your outputs are used at 5V only)

24V  5V

The connection diagram

First, wire the  (+)  to the 24 VDC (+) to get a 24 VDC on digital output (not 5 VDC by default):

Outputs wiring description

  •  (+)  > VDC (+)
  •  (-)  > GND (-)
  •  OUTPUT  > DIN- (see bellow)

Wiring of the PWM converter at the output of the ACE PLC :

PWM TO 0-10V
PWM- (PWM input -) < > One of its digital output (NPN)
Connected DIRECTLY to the ACE output (no TB-x terminal boards)
PWM+ (PWM input +) < > + 24 VDC (Same as the ACE PLC)
12-30V (Power supply +) < > + 24 VDC (Same as the ACE PLC)
GND (Power supply -) < > GND – (Same as the ACE PLC)
GND (Voltage output -) < > GND – (Optional, it is the same as above)
AO (Voltage output 0-10 V) < > Your 0-10 V for your external device


The subroutine for easy integration

We provide you with this subroutine to convert the requested output value into a PWM value and apply it to the PLC output.

You can import this subroutine (PWM_To_ANA.viofs) in your ACE PLC project.

The best value for the PWM signal frequency for this product is 0.3 kHz. We have set the “Period Length” to 3000 microseconds.

See “PWM – Pulse-width Modulation” page for more information on PWM if you wish to understand this function.

And we scale the values: For example, if you ask 5400 mV (5.4 V), the subroutine set the “On Time” at 1500 microseconds.


Converter calibration

You can use the above subroutine for calibration

  • Ask with the subroutine, the value 5400 mV for OutAnaMV
  • With a voltmeter, measure the output.
  • Open the case: 2 screws, one at the bottom left and one at the top right behind the label!
  • With a screwdriver, turn the potentiometer until you get the value 5.4 V / 5400 mV
  • Done!