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How to configure the LAN/WAN/WIFI ACE-GTW-MQTT


In this tutorial we will show you how to configure the ACE-GTW-MQTT gateway




+ Modbus over USB to ACE PLC

Connect to the ACE-GTW-MQTT configuration web interface

Via its LAN RJ45 port connected to your network

Connect the ACE-GTW-MQTT on your network (LAN port).

Your PC must be on the same network as the Gateway: 192.168.8.XXX. If it’s not the case, change the IP address of your PC. Don’t use an IP address already taken by a device of your network!

With your bowser, go to the ACE-GTW-MQTT web interface by enter its IP address:

Enter the username = root, and the password = root

< ! > Please configure a new root password to protect the web interface.

Once your are connected to the ACE-GTW-MQTT, you can change its IP address if you wish.

Network > Interfaces

And “Edit” the LAN interface

Enter a new IP address that is not already being used by another device on your network.

You PC must be on the same logic network:

If you want to change the default IP address of the Gateway

Don’t forget to confirm your configuration by clicking on “UNSAVED CHANGES”

Connect the ACE-GTW-MQTT to Internet

Via its WiFi connected to your network


Via its WAN RJ45 port connected to your network

Connect the Gateway on your network (WAN port).

If the WAN port is already connected to your network and an IP address has been assigned by a DHCP server . In this case, your ACE-GTW-MQTT must already be able to connect to the Internet.

Go to Network > Diagnostics and ping the “” server on the Internet.

Success! If you have 5 packets received.

Well done! You are connected!

Connect the ACE-GTW-MQTT to a MQTT Broker

Here, we are going to use our MQTT Broker. Use our Broker ONLY for your first tests. Your data is exposed to everyone.

If you wish to test the BIT topic, add a BIT topic which will be linked to the ACE input InBitC1 in the next step:

Make a simple test program for the ACE PLC with vBuilder

For your BIT topic, if you have added it in MQTT configuration, add a the BIT tag linked to the ACE input InBitC1:

Connect the ACE-GTW-MQTT to the ACE PLC

Just connect the USB cable between the Gateway and the ACE PLC.

The communication will start about 10 seconds after.

* except the ACE-7096.

Viewing data with another MQTT client

As a tool, for testing, debugging and to view your data, you can use this powerful MQTT Client software:

With this tool, you will see your topics published by the ACE Portal and you will also be able to publish topics to retrieve them in your ACE API!

In this video, we use the MQTT Client software MQTT.fx

Other Free MQTT Broker for testing

You can test these MQTT Brokers below. Some of them are free and/or require an account and monthly fee.

The free versions are only there for your tests, not to be used in your application.

MQTT Broker ACE-GTW-MQTT Gateway parameters
EMQ X MQTT IoT Cloud – Free – No account is required

  • 1883 (or 8883 + Certificat with TLS/SSL)
SHIFTR – Free – Create an account

  • 1883


HIVEMQ – Free 7 days

  • 1883

  • 1883
CLOUD MQTT – Fee based

  • 18773
  • Use Login/Password

Try to connect the MQTT.Explorer to one of this Broker. If success, you can do same with your Gateway.

MQTT Topics and Modbus tags configuration

  • MQTT Topic to Pub/Sub:
    • are a form of addressing that allows MQTT clients to share information. MQTT Topics are structured in a hierarchy similar to folders and files in a file system using the forward slash ( / ) as a delimiter. Topic names are: Case sensitive, use UTF-8 strings, must consist of at least one character to be valid.
  • Payload Bit/Ana:
    • The Payload is value (Bit or Word). The content and format is application specific.
    • Payload Bit format:
      • Value_for_state_0;Value_for_state_1
      • 0;1
      • ON;OFF
      • stopped;running
    • Payload Ana format:

      • @
      • Water level= @ m
      • Machine speed: @ m/s
      • @ products in progress
  • Pub?/?Sub:
    • Publish for send the MQTT topic and its Payload (value) to the MQTT Broker
      • You can publish the values from the ACE PLC Modbus register or from system payload (GPS,..)
      • I publish a topic/value for give an information to the others MQTT Clients (Smartphone, tablet, scada,…)
    • Subscribe for receive the MQTT topic and its Payload (value) from the MQTT Broker
      • You can subscribe any values (bit or word) to write in PLC, from the Broker or from system payload (GPS, Broker,..)
      • I subscribe a topic/value for get and manage an information

How to reset the ACE-GTW-MQTT to the factory default settings?

See here