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Schneider EcoStruxure with HMITool via Modbus RTU RS485 (Zelio, M221, M241, M258, M251, M262, M340, M580)


If you are looking to use the Schneider EcoStruxure software to configure Modbus RTU RS485 communication with our HMIs using the HMITool software, then you are on the right page!

Modbus configuration on PLC

Register management between EcoStruxure and HMITool

Register name on EcoStruxure Register name on HMITool
Memory word %MW… 3x… to read
4x… to write
Memory bit %M… 0x…


Note: For writing ASCII characters from the HMI (with ASCII Entry function) to PLC

2 ASCII characters = 1 memory word (2 characters = 16 Bits)
Then the other characters are written on the memory words in succession


EcoStreuxure .smbp file example: download

HMI-Tool .skm file example: download