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Subroutine: Generate a certaine number of beeps via the HMI

A simple subroutine for generate a certain number of beeps (buzzer) via the HMI

Active the beeps for the alarms
Configuration of an alarm in HMI-Tool

  • 000 is our alarm number
  • 0x0 if the bit used in PLC for generate the beeps
If you do not want to display the alarm in the “Alarm display” table, you can select only the correct range to be display.

  • Select the alarm range you want to show
  • We will not see our alarm number 0

However, it will be displayed in the historical alarm table.

And you can use this subroutine in vBuilder for generate the beeps

  • Alarm_Bit: Your bit alarm
  • HMI_Alarm_Bit: Bit used by the HMI for generate beeps
  • Beep_Number: Number of beeps you whish
  • Should your “Alarm_Bit” be reset after the beeps?

You can dowload the subroutine here: Beeps via the HMI

Here, the PLC input “InBitC1” generate an alarm (Level_High), which, generate the 3 beeps

“HMI_Alarm_Beep” is also in both, main program and subroutine, because its value must be available in the Modbus register from the subroutine. The link must be done between main program and subroutine.

And add the “HMI_Alarm_Beep” in the Modbus register.

  • You need this parameter to allow the subroutine to modify the tag in the Modbus register