Wire connections to the ACE: Pluggable terminal connectors

ACE units come with pluggable terminal connectors

Looking at the first connector, from top to bottom:

  • 1 position for V0 (Ground / GND)
  • 6 positions for the signals from 1 to 6
  • 1 position not connected or for +VCC

To insert fine solid electrical wire

  • Strip the wire insulation back about 3 mm
  • Insert each wire into the proper round connector hole and push the wire in.
    • It should push in very easily and lock in place.
    • You should not be able to pull the wire back out.

0.10 – 0.50 mm2

To insert fine stranded electrical wire

  • Insert the blade of a connector tool (screwdriver) in the rectangular hole directly below the connection hole.
    • This will open the spring capture connection.
  • Simply push your wire in, then remove the blade.
  • If you pull the wire, it should be captured in place and will not come out.

To remove any wire electric from the connector

  • Use the connector tool.
  • Push the blade into the rectangular hole below the wire to open the spring clamp
  • Pull the wire out the hole
  • Remove the connector tool.