ACE-GTW-4G Quick Setup Video


For start your first MQTT communication between:

  • MQTT Broker (Server) < >
    • < > ACE-GTW-4G Gateway (MQTT Client)
    • < > Another MQTT (Here, another MQTT Client Software)

For start, you just need:

  • ACE-GTW-4G Gateway
  • WiFi Internet connection or Ethernet network (RJ45) with DHCP server and Internet access

Connect to the Gateway web interface

  • IP address: (Your PC must be on the same network
  • Login = root
  • Password = root (Replace it with a strong password in production)

Setup and Check an Internet connection

  • Internet connection via:
    • its WiFi (see video)
    • or WAN interface (DHCP Client) to your local network that has a DHCP server and Internet access.
  • Check the Internet connection with the Ping tool

Setup a connection to a MQTT Broker and send the first MQTT Topic

  • MQTT Broker: or (replace the broker in the video)

  • MQTT Topic GPS/Available with the internal Payload bit $GPSVAL$[0;1]
    • This internal Payload (bit 0/1) indicates if internal GPS data is available
  • Common tag prefix for PUBs and SUBs (optional) : MyPrefix/
    • Don’t forget the / at the end
    • This function avoids the need to enter a common prefix and/or suffix for all Topics

Check with another MQTT Client the Topic we sent from the ACE-GTW-4G

  • Topic : MyPrefix/GPS/Available

Here, we check with the MQTT-Explorer software.

Parameters are the following:

  • MQTT Broker: or (replace the broker in the video)

    • Username : aceautomation
    • Password : ilovetheseproducts


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