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Communication between a CommandHMI and a Schneider-Crouzet Millenium PLC XN-06 RS485 Module or Zelio Logic Smart Relay PLC SR3-MBU01BD

Wiring from the HMI to the RS485 XN-06 or SR3-MBU01BD module…

XN-06 or SR3-MBU01BD
wiring Millenium-3 / Zelio RJ45 RS485 Modbus RTU

XN-06 Modbus RS485 or SR3-MBU01BD

Sub-D9 HMI RJ45 RS485 XN-06
8 TX- 5 D0 B-
9 TX+ 4 D1 A+


xn-06 rs485 wiring modbus rtu

Installation-Sheets XN-06

Datasheet SR3-MBU01BD

HMI-Tool configuration


  • RS485 (Extended mode) if you have more than 1 Slave device on the network
  • PLC Station if you have only one device on RS485

And select the same communication parameters for HMI and XN-06 (9600,8,NONE,1)

Communication port properties

  • Modbus RTU Master

Address entry

  • We use 4x and 0x
  • Here, 1:4×123 means 1 for Device Slave Number, 4 for Word, 123 for the address in the Modbus register

Adresses Modbus RTU Inputs/Outputs

M3 XN06


= 4×16 à 4×31 in the HMI-Tool.

= 4×16 à 4×23 in the HMI-Tool.


You can address directly each bit with 4xBit.

Example: The value 32 (100000 in binary) from the HMI (4×17) of the word %MW17 (placed in JXT1) is used to display a fault message (Bit).