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Ethernet communication between a CommandHMI and Siemens LOGO! series PLCs

LOGO configuration

Add an Ethernet Modbus server connection Here, the LogoSoft and HMI-Tool project  : LogoToCommandHMI

add thernet server modbus connection with lgoo siemens plc

Add its IP address

And input network and output network

Input Network

Output Network


You have here all Modbus register of the LOGO! File > Properties – Modbus address space In this tab, you can view the mapping relationship between Modbus address and LOGO! resource. See page 59 of the LOGO Comfort Online-help


HMI-Tool configuration

See also How to configure the Ethernet IP address of the CommandHMIs? Set

Operational register and address range


Via S7 protocol

Note: If you are unable to download the project because of an error in the Logo/S7 driver, please unzip this file and add it to software installation directory.


In HMI-Tool

Start button:

Stop button:

Bit lamp:

In Siemens software



If you have any problems downloading, check that the LOGO drivers are present in the software directory. You can download them here