HMI Ethernet IP address and Modbus-TCP


HMI settings screen

2 possibilities:

Function button DIP-Siwtch
  • You can add a Function button on any screen for an access from your project

  • Power off the HMI
  • DIP switchs 1 and 3 to ON (see picture)
  • Power on the HMI


IP configuration

Enter ALL parameters for the Ethernet link

  1. Active the Ethernet port
  2. Set Static IP (usually)
  3. HMI IP address
  4. Gateway
  5. DNS 1 : You can entger this one =
  6. DNS 2 : You can entger this one =
  7. Confirm [Ok] : If “Fail”, confirm again.
  8. And close by [OK]

Add only one Modbus-TCP equipment/device

Add multiple Modbus-TCP equipment/device

Project example for HMI and ACE PLC (via the ACE-GTW-MB Gateway)


The other DIP switchs

Dip Switch 1 to 5 Function
ALL OFF Normal operating mode
1 ON Coordinate Calibration Mode (Touch)
2 ON Display of the firmware version
1 & 3 ON Ethernet IP / WiFi settings