Start with your HMI


Power Supply

24 VDC: 3.5″ 4.3″ 7.0″ 10.2″ 15.6″
12 VDC: 3.5″ 4.3″ 7.0″

  1. + DC 24V
  2. – DC 0V
  3. Ground/GND

Mounting Cut-Out

4.3″: 141×84 mm
5.0″: 157×95 mm
7.0″: 192×138 mm
10.2″: 259×201 mm
15.6″: 383 x 246 mm

Note: The HMI must fit into the cut-out without forcing it
Use the HMI framework to place it

USB Ports


Used to connect:

  • USB-HMI-ACE cable (with amplifier) to ACE PLC Mini-USB port (if RS232/485 port is not available)
    • Note: there is no need to power the amplifier (jack plug)
  • or a USB stick for other functions

Note: 3.5″ version has no USB-A port


Used only to download or upload a HMI project with HMI-Tool software

Error: The “USB-A” and “USB-B” markings on the HMI plastic case may be swapped

Note: Use our USB isolator if you want to connect your PC to the HMI or ACE PLC in an industrial environment to avoid problems with potential differences between the 2 USB devices

RS232/485 Ports

Supports a wide range of protocols

External view of HMI Sub-D9 male connector

Pin RS-
2 RX    
3 TX    
5 GND    
6   RX-  
7   RX+  
8   TX- B-
9   TX+ A-
  • Use 1 shielded twisted pair for RS485 [A+]&[ B-]
  • Use 2 shielded twisted pairs for RS232 [RX]&[GND] and [TX]&[GND]

CBL-SC1 RS232 HMI cable (optional)

For ACE PLCs (Modbus RTU) or other RS232 PLCs/Devices.

Colors of the wires:

  • Red = HMI Pin 2 = HMI RX (to the TX pin of the ACE PLC)
  • White = HMI Pin 3 = HMI TX (to the RX pin of the ACE PLC)
  • Green = HMI Pin 5 = HMI GND = (to the GND pin of the ACE PLC)

ACE PLC RS232 small connector

Connection side with CBL-SC1 cable colours

RX, TX and GND

Note: For RS485: A+, B- and GND

Ethernet RJ45 port

For HMIs with Ethernet RJ-45 port!

Supports a wide range of protocols

Used to connect:

  • HMI-Tool software for download or upload a HMI project
  • ACE gateways, HMIs or any PLCs/Ethernet devices

DIP switch on back of HMI

Note: * It is also possible to access “Parameter settings” on the HMI screen via a “Function Button” in the HMI-Tool

DIP 1 2 3 4 5
Normal operation OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF
Parameter settings * (Clock, IP,…) ON OFF ON OFF OFF
Touch calibration ON OFF ON OFF OFF

Start with HMI-Tool Software

You can find HMI-Tool on this support website. Download it, install it and connect the PC to the HMI USB-B port

Open a new project

Select the screen size, then the model, the link interface and the protocol (By default Modbus for ACE PLCs)

HMI-Tool with ACE PLC (Modbus device)

Link is COMx (RS232/485) or USB for ACE PLC

Note: All ACE have a USB port but not necessarily a COM port
Note: For USB it is advisable to use the USB-HMI-ACE to avoid communication errors

Protocol is Modbus RTU Master

Bit switch/button

Select Bit switch, chose Function Invert and enter 0x0 for Write Address

Note: With 0x0, you write a Bit to address 0 of the Bit register

Confirm and draw your button on the screen

Numerical input

Select Numerical input and enter 4×0 for Write Address

Note: With 4×0, you write a Word to address 0 of the Word register

Confirm and draw your input field on the screen

Download your project to the HMI

Note: If you have an error, please, reinstall the Windows driver