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How do I configure the TB03PWM010-35 3-in/3-out PWM to 0-10V converter?


It is sometimes useful to be able to connect the ACE PLC to a PWM to 0-10 V converter.


  • control a frequency inverter via its 0-10 V input.
  • convert and scale an analogue value to a 0-10 V value
  • control any device with an analogue input

You can have 6 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 3 analog outputs with a ACE-11 and a TB03PWM010-35:

This converter is inexpensive for 3 analog outputs, well designed electronically by us and reliable. It has 15 connection terminals. You can buy it here.

ACE digital outputs connector

First, wire the  (+)  to the 24 VDC (+) to get a 24 VDC on digital output (not 5 VDC by default):

Outputs wiring description

  •  (+)  > VDC (+)
  •  (-)  > GND (-)
  •  OUTPUT  > DO NPN –

Wiring of the PWM converter at the output of the ACE PLC :

Remember that the ACE PLC has NPN outputs, not PNP. ACE returns its outputs to 0V when active.

3 x PWM TO 3 x 0-10V
[PWM IN1/IN2/IN3][0V] < > One of its digital output (NPN)
[PWM IN1/IN2/IN3][24V] < > + 24 VDC (Same as the ACE PLC)
[+24VDC] < > + 24 VDC (Same as the ACE PLC)
[GND] < > GND – 0VDC (Same as the ACE PLC)
[0-10V OUT][V-] < > GND – 0VDC (GND 0-10V input external devices)
[0-10V OUT] [V-][1 2 3] < > Yours 0-10 V (0-10V input external devices)

For PLC with PNP outputs, [PWM IN1/IN2/IN3][0V] is connected to [GND] and [PWM IN1/IN2/IN3][24V] to one of the PLC’s digital outputs.

The subroutine for easy integration

Here is the subroutine:

  • 3 “OutAna“, the values you want on the PWM 0-10V converter “0-10V OUT” analog outputs
  • 3 “OutBitPWM_” : the ACE outputs “OutBit” for the PWM 0-10V converter “PWM IN” inputs

You can import this subroutine (3PWM_To_3ANA.viofs) in your ACE PLC project.

The best value for the PWM signal frequency for this product is 1 kHz. We have set the “Period Length” to 1000 microseconds.

See “PWM – Pulse-width Modulation” page for more information on PWM if you wish to understand this function.

And we scale the values. The converter is lineare, so we need only 2 values for the Scale tool.

For PWM, we use a minimum “On Time” of about 2 microseconds.