How to use the VNC feature of the HM-070MW HMI?


The VNC port is set to 7530 and cannot be changed (another value is not taken into account in HMI-Tool).

Only the HM-070MW have this feature.

If you want to connect from outside, you need to NAT the IP port inside your Internet box/router.

  • Protocole = TCP
  • External port = 1194 : The port you want to use from external/Internet. Can be somthing else than 1194
  • Destination IP = : The HMI IP address
  • Destination port = 7530 : The HMI VNC port. Always 7530

You can use any VNC client under Windows, Linux, Android, IOS,..

You can use also the embedded VNC client with any web browser. Enter URL:

  • Where is your HMI local IP address

From outside/Internet

  • NAT the ports 7430 and 7530
    • 7430 and 7530 can be NATed with another external port number

If it is not in English, you can switch it:

On a mobile, to move the screen, use the outside area of the HMI screen (Dark grey area)