Power supply via USB or 2 position plug


Power supply to the ACE PLC is provided via a two position pluggable connector, included with the ACE unit.

All ACEs shipped today are compatible from 5 to 24 VDC.

The ACE can be powered on via:

  • its USB port (except ACEs with analog outputs)
  • or its 2 position pluggable connector

You can plug both (USB and Power plug) at the same time.

PLCs are reverse voltage protected.
Input power goes through a switching regulator to regulate to 5 VDC.  Alternately, 5V from the USB passed through a diode to the same point.  The 5V is then regulated to 3.3 V, which is what the internal circuitry runs on.

All digitals inputs/outputs are compatible from 5 to 28 VDC whatever the ACE

5 to 24 VDC version

ACE with a blue ace of spade close to
the product reference written in blue

5 VDC version

ACE with the product reference
written in black


To connect power, insert the +VDC and the ground connections from a power supply into the plug, as shown in the figure below. When plugged into the PLC’s power connector socket, the +VDC connection is to the right, closest to the PLC corner.