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Update HMI project via USB flash drive plugged on HMI USB port


HMI supports importing and updating project via USB flash drive.

A useful advantage if you need to:

  • upload a HMI project in several HMI
  • send your project to a client without disclose the project sources

Generate the “u-disk-prj.bin” project file for the USB disk

Update the HMI project with the new “u-disk-prj.bin” file

The file “u-disk-prj.bin” is in the selected directory

  • Copy the compiled file to the USB flash drive formatted in FAT format
  • Insert the USB flash drive in HMI
  • Select the file and click YES in the pop-up window to execute the update operation

Do not disconnect the USB flash drive during the update process
Maintain HMI ON during the update process