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ACE as inputs/outputs: Mirror function by remote I/O copying

The ACE transmits the states of its inputs to the outputs of a remote ACE and the other way round.

The program is the same in each ACE .

For this operation you must have 2 ACE PLC with a free serial port, RS232 or RS485.

You must link each ACE by the serial port:

RX to TX
TX to RX

Make sure the grounds are tied together and RX and TX are inverted

Upload Mirror-Mode-Between-2-Ace-PLCs program to each ACE PLC and run it. This program is an example for ACE-3090.

Then move inputs of one of them and you’ll see the inputs reflected on the other device’s outputs.

You have to change the tag names (inputs/outputs) depending of you ACE version.

That’s all !