How to Wire and Calibrate a Thermocouple?

Wiring a thermocouple

Temperature is provide by a thermocouple sensor connected to a ACE PLC

ACE 1450, 3090, 7096,.. have thermocouples inputs.

Our Type K thermocouple is wired as follows:

  • Red wire > Input +
  • White wire > Input –

Sometimes, with other thermocouples, the + and – can have different colours. See the thermocouple manual.


Calibrate the thermocouples

After selecting the correct thermocouple (Type K) in the configuration wizard…

Choose “Calibrate Thermocouple” from the vBuilder menu.


Check therocouple you’d like to calibrate

Inputs F1, F2, F3 or F4 forACE-3090 as example

Set the current temperature, then, press calibrate

You can select a second point to obtain a more accurate measurement.

For example, 21°C for the first point and 0°C for the second point.




If you copy the thermocouple input (InFloatF4 in our case), into any other tag, just to see the value in debug mode, you will see the temperature appear.