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Thermocouple 16 bit & differential low voltage

Several ACE include interfaces that are configurable for either providing thermocouple interfaces or serving as analog inputs for differential analog signals. These signal inputs can be individually configured, in vBuilder, for either thermocouple or differential voltage ranges.

For interfacing to thermocouples, these inputs can be configured for J, K, T or N type thermocouples. Connect each thermocouple to one of the four wire pairs shown in the diagram on the right.

  • The negative wire should be connected to the negative input (indicated by a ‘-’ sign on the diagram).
  • The positive wire should be connected to the positive connection.
Each differential input can also be used to measure low level differential voltage signals.

The following ranges are available :

  • +/- 0.256 V
  • +/- 0.512 V
  • +/- 1.024 V
  • +/- 2.048 V
The vBuilder Setup window for the thermocouple / differential analog configuration.
In operation, the signal is converted to a floating point value. That value is either temperature, in degrees Celcius, or volts.