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ACE as I/O Expansion Unit: Slave I/O control


We suggest to use this tutorial for that : ACE as an I/O expansion unit: Exchange table with slaves

How to use the ACE as an expansion unit, for all ACE PLCs which have an serial port ?

Some ACE includes a serial port RS232 or/and RS485.
For this operation you must have 2 ACE PLC with a free serial port.

Link each ACE by the serial port

  • RX to TX
  • TX to RX
  • GND to GND

Download the right program you want

Bellow, the list of ACE PLCs used as expansion.
If it doesn’t existe for your ACE, ask us for it!


Inside the .zip file, you will find the slave program and the subroutine for the master.

In the slave & master ACE

Configure the serial port as

  • RS232, Custom type, 9600 bds, None parity and 1 stop bits.

For this you must return to the setup hardware on the top left hand corner of vBuilder software (Green or Blue icon).


In the slave

Upload the slave program, then, run it.


In the master

Select Add Subroutine, than Select Existing Subroutine .viofs.
Write and Read the remote inputs/outputs, add just in the begining of your program the Subroutine call function from the ToolBox on the right of vBuilder.

This Subroutine call function must be in the begining of your MAIN program.
As example:

  • RInBitC1..C6 = Inputs C1..C6 of the Remote Slave ACE
  • ROutBitD1..D6..E1..E6 = Outputs D1..D6..E1..E6 of the Remote Slave ACE.

If you want, you can rename the RInBit and ROutBit tags.