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Stepper motor control: A simple demonstration with EasyDriver controler

The EasyDriver (here, not really industrial) is a simple to use stepper motor driver.

It will be connected to outputs of the ACE and to the Stepper Motor. We will use the Motion Out Tool under vBuilder. The EasyDriver is compatible with stepper motor up to 30 VDC.

Step input and direction input (of the EasyDrive) are compatible with 0 to 5V pulse. You can use your own power supply or the 5v output supply provide by the EasyDriver board which integrate a regulator 6-30 VDC to 5 VDC.

Wiring the outputs of ACE to the EasyDriver

Note: The 5V output of the EasyDriver board is limited to 50mA. We suggest to use your own 5V power supply.

Configuring, in the “Setup Hardware” section of vBuilder, the StepOut function of the PLC.

And use the MotionOut function of vBuilder

All of this works on all ACE PLCs, from 59 € ex.Tax !

Note: OnTime should not be set within 3 microseconds or within 3 microseconds of the period.