Here, you will find some subroutines to download.
The subroutines are helpful to clarify the program and avoid writing the same things over and over again.

See also How to add a subroutine in your project

PID to PWM conversion
Manage a long or short press on a button or a input
Average value of analog values for recording with the HMI
Contact input anti-debounce > 255 milliseconds on a digital input
Synchronize clock between HMI and ACE PLC – < ! > Easier: See also MACRO for HMI-Tool
Convert a BCD value to a DEC value (ex: 23 > 0001 0111 > 17)
On/Off according to given times. (ex: ON=14:33:00 OFF=17:47:30 ) Programmable_Clock
Convert milliseconds to HH:MM:SS (ex: 3580000 = 00:59:40)
Anti-debounces input (Filter) > 250 ms. (For <250 ms see Tags table in vBuilder)
Generate pulses for flashing a PLC bit (ON X milliseconds, OFF Y milliseconds)
Backup or datalog the tags for retrieve them after power up (Easier via HMI)
Convert a tag value in ASCII then send it via the RS232/485 serial port Convert&
Convert a number to its ASCII code (ASCII of “5” = 53) NumberToASCII