Subroutines to Download – Others

Here, you will find some subroutines to download.
The subroutines are helpful to clarify the program and avoid writing the same things over and over again.

See also How to add a subroutine in your project

PID to PWM conversion
Manage a long or short press on a button or a input
Average value of analog values for recording with the HMI
Contact input anti-debounce > 255 milliseconds on a digital input
Convert a BCD value to a DEC value (ex: 23 > 0001 0111 > 17)
On/Off according to given times. (ex: ON=14:33:00 OFF=17:47:30 ) Programmable_Clock
Convert milliseconds to HH:MM:SS (ex: 3580000 = 00:59:40)
Anti-debounces input (Filter) > 250 ms. (For <250 ms see Tags table in vBuilder)
Generate pulses for flashing a PLC bit (ON X milliseconds, OFF Y milliseconds)
Backup or datalog the tags for retrieve them after power up (Easier via HMI)
Convert a tag value in ASCII then send it via the RS232/485 serial port Convert&
Convert a number to its ASCII code (ASCII of “5” = 53) NumberToASCII